Glamour Babe Valentines Day

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As Riley puts on a tiny thong and a tight little black dress, she wonders in her mind what her boyfriend Jonathan might have planned for the Valentine’s Day surprise he had promised her. The slender blonde loves her man, but has recently dreamed of his best friend, Isiah, and is thankful that Jonathan was so understanding when she confessed that she loved herself. When she reaches Jonathan’s house, she finds a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom, but the real surprise is Isiah lying on the bed! He has fallen in love with Riley longer than she ever expected, and for one night the two are free to explore all of their fantasies together. Isiah waited forever to lick Riley’s sweet pussy, and soon the muscular ebony hunk effortlessly lifts her petite body, going from missionary fucking her cowgirls to super-deep doggy style for Valentine’s Day that lovers will remember forever.