Glamour Babe The Hustler

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When her gentleman appeared in the doorway, Gina Gerson wasted no time escorting him to the bedroom. Gina was a little nervous having sex with someone she knew to be so dedicated, so she let Eddy Blackone take the lead. After pulling off Eddy’s pants, Gina was shocked to see such a long, heavy cock, but when she shook off the surprise, she grabbed it with two hands and began to stroke every inch of the shaft with her fingers. Gina continued her worship of the big black cock with a slow, sensual blowjob before lying on her back so Eddy could repay her with oral sex, licking her pussy greedily. As she dripped wet between her legs, Gina spread her legs so Eddy could insert himself into her and then took his cock as deep as possible!