Glamour Babe Snowbanging Part 1

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The two couples spent a weekend in the mountains. It was originally a refreshing reunion dinner, but now it has become a sexual desire-driven gathering. In the first episode, we follow the amazing and always hungry Abigail Mac. She shocked her husband Charles Dera when she revealed that their old friend Luna Star who was going to meet in the cabin taught her how to go back in college. As the two couples indulged in seasonal activities, the tension increased. While they were charging in the jacuzzi, Abigail and Luna secretly teased each other. But when Luna’s husband Small Hands took her on a hike in the woods, Abigail really succumbed to her wish. After the snowball fight, the two panting handsome guys got closer and closer, naked. Soon, Abigail knelt on the ground, spitting on Small’s cock to heat up. Winter clothes are spread on the trunk, making it an ideal bed for addicted women. There, she spread her legs. Little pound Abigail (Abigail) longed for the cat, he went all out. He knew that damn no one would hear the moaning and screaming of the orgasm lady. Winter may be cold and winter may be cruel, but in Sepang, winter is the wettest season among all people.