Glamour Babe Sneaky Santa

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Santa Claus is touring on Christmas Eve and showed him a simple and comfortable house full of beautiful decorations, and prepared him usually thoughtful milk and biscuit snacks. He started to eat biscuits, and when he went to get the milk, he spilled the cup on the floor. He knew that noise would awaken sleepy idiot dreams, so he quickly searched for a hiding place. Sophia Leone wakes up stepmother Alexis Faux, who decides to sleep in her stepdaughter’s room and wait for Santa’s arrival. They investigated the commotion they heard in the living room and found spilled milk. As they cleaned out their light panties and tight skin, Santa Claus in a white baby T-shirt couldn’t help whipping his Yule logs and playing with toys as he stared at the sexy stepmother and stepdaughter duo. Alexis caught Santa Claus stroking his jingle ball, which was understandable, shocked and surprised. Santa Claus apologizes for his obscene and lewd behavior, but once they both have a good impression of Santa’s candy canes, he will not regret it. They connected in tandem and sucked it, and then Alexis rode it like a sleigh. After Santa let her enter her naughty list in a doggy style, she participated in the reindeer game. Santa finally tricks or treats on the cookies, and then is taken aback the night before Christmas, with a rosy smile on his face. If Mrs. Claus had somehow liked this update, she would not like it!