Glamour Babe Sneaker Freaks

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You know what they say about men with big feet! When the adorable Jade responds to an ad to buy rare sneakers, she doesn’t expect someone as handsome as tall, dark and handsome Nat to respond to her knock. The sneakers are a big size and Jade wonders if the handsome ebony seller has a big cock to match! The insatiable sexy kitty couldn’t hold back her desire as she fell to her knees confirming the old saying is true! With the evidence in front of her, Jade pulls out Nat’s huge cock to give a sexy stranger a sensual blowjob. It definitely makes it all for good! Nat can’t believe his luck to suddenly find himself alone with a stunning girl who can’t get enough of her enormous manhood. He enjoys showing Jade what his huge cock can do, letting her ride him to orgasm after a gorgeous orgasm