Glamour Babe Show And Tell

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Heather and Michael started the morning naked in bed. Michael said he needed a haircut and Heather went to shower. Michael was still in bed when Heather’s stepmother Eva came in and saw him naked. She apologized and told him she had a nice body. Later, Michael explained to Heather what happened, and she said not to worry about it. Michael went out to get a haircut and Eva started playing with Heather. They started kissing and Heather started chewing on Eva’s sweet pussy. Michael forgot his wallet and went home. He heard noises from the bathroom and caught Heather face in Eva’s pussy. Eva grabbed him and said if he didn’t tell anyone, she could join in the fun too. Soon after, they took turns sucking and fucking his cock. Eva gets her pussy fucked from behind while Heather licks her anus.