Glamour Babe Sex With Six

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Rikki waited for her boyfriend, Logan, to fetch her, his homework he had done for her. Rikki was going shopping, so she told her stepmother Nikita to make sure she put her homework on the counter when she arrived. When Logan came over, Nikita asked him why he was such a pussy and told him to be a man. She told him she was going to show him something and put her hands on her big breasts. He started sucking on those jugs and she told him to stand on his lap and chew on her sweet pussy. Rikki came home and caught her boyfriend Logan eating her stepmother’s pussy. He didn’t know what to say, but Nikita told him to be a man. Logan stood up for himself and told her she could do whatever she wanted and was tired of taking advantage of him. She didn’t know what to say. Her stepmother, Nikita, told him to bend over Rikki and fuck her in the kitchen. He pulled off Rikkis’ pants and panties and began to munch on her asshole. Nikita also stuck her tongue in Rikkis’ ass.