Glamour Babe Ms Ballbreaker

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Tony must go to see the nurse to regain his strength so that he can play in the next game. The nurse is gone, and the coach Phoenix Marie must have a physical examination. Tony walked into her office, and she asked him to pull down his shorts. When he coughed, she squeezed his ball and then started stroking his cock. She finished physical training and told Tony to let his teammates get his body. Tony went to the locker room and explained to his teammates what had just happened to the coach. Phoenix came out to find another teammate, and they both concealed their expectations from Tony. She grabbed Tony and asked where they were. He told her he didn’t know, and Phoenix didn’t like that. Suddenly she picked him up and took him to the other side of the dressing room. She ed up him and performed various actions with him. She sucked and fucked him, her face was full of juice from his man.