Glamour Babe Intimate yoga becomes hot FFM 3 way

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Scarlet Rebel and her hunk Jorge do yoga together in the gym. Standing on one leg then the other, the couple try to find their center. Continuing to stretch, Scarlet stands on all fours and exposes her ass, and as Jorge touches her, Katy watches them in action. Jorge spots Katy and invites the brunette to join in, while Scarlet demonstrates the episode for Katy. As Katy stretches, Scarlet has a naughty idea, takes Jorge’s cock out and starts giving him a sexy blowjob. While Katy stretches and Scarlet sucks, Jorge plays with his tits. The enthusiastic blowjob catches the attention of Katy, who willingly joins it. Both Katy and Scarlet take turns riding Jorge’s cock, and when one is fucked, she eats the other’s pussy! After Jorge fucks Scarlet, lesbian lovers drop to their knees and masturbate with his hard cock while giving him a double facial!