Glamour Babe Hot Adriana

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Brad has been helping his girlfriend Adriana pack up since her family moved to a new place. As they searched the boxes, one of them was marked TAXES, but as Brad carried it to the other side of the room, he heard various clinks. Adriana told him it might just be a cell phone or a calculator or something like that, but he insisted on sniffing around and looking around for himself. Eventually they stumbled upon her stepmother’s secret sex toy closet. It became painfully obvious that Dana wasn’t satisfied with the sex, and it was all Dad’s fault. While they were joking about it, Dana came in and was completely embarrassed. She tried to do something for herself and mentioned to them that Adrianna’s dad just didn’t have a cock big enough. Adriana is her usual self-deception boasting about how big Brad’s cock is, and then she rubs it on her stepmother’s face. All this resulted in Brad eventually whipping his dick and rubbing his dick literally into Dana’s face. His stepmother always seemed to be hot, and Adriana thought it would be fun for them all to spend a good time together. She had better be careful, because Brad seemed to like Dana too much.