Glamour Babe Halloweeny

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It was a dark, scary Halloween night. Anastasia Rose was playing pranks with her friends. They came to Corey Chase’s house. Trick or treat! Chad White felt itchy and asked to use the bathroom. He was wearing a red mask, a red cape and a black hat. Corey located her guests and went for more candy. As she walked through the bathroom, the door wasn’t locked properly and she saw Chad tugging at his huge cock. She immediately realized that she would also like to do it. She slowly sneaked into the bathroom and quickly grabbed Chad’s cock, which jumped in surprise. She started giving him a wonderful blowjob. Meanwhile, Veronica Snow joined the group in the living room, and Anastasia Rose decided to look for the promised candy. As she explored the house, she noticed a bowl of sweets on the floor just outside the bathroom. She picked up the bowl, looked into the bathroom, and dropped it immediately. Corey got scared, released his cock and pulled Anastasia into the bathroom and quickly started kissing her. Anastasia liked it, so the three decided to sneak into the bedroom and have more fun. The girls immediately started double bj Chad. Then they jumped into bed, Anastasia riding that huge cock while Corey licked her ass. Double delight. It was Corey’s turn to ride that huge cock. After that, Chad went doggystyle on Anastasia as she licked Corey’s pussy. Anyway, it’s taking too long. I’m sure you can imagine what else two girls and one red mask guy can come up with. Eventually he stumbled across their faces as Veronica stepped on them.