Glamour Babe Blacklisted

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As a housewife, Bobbi Dylan was the best. As a wife, she was just bored. Therefore, every day after her husband left for work, she called her secret lover Mickey Mod for morning mating. Ever since Bobbi stumbled upon his huge black cock during a neighborhood meeting, she had become addicted to sucking and fucking every inch of his enormous shaft. This morning was no different as she licked his huge cock from ball to toe, and Mickey was returning the favor by feasting on her young white pussy. But as her black lover immersed his long cock deeper and deeper into her, Bobbi was too passionate to notice her husband stopping at home! Even though her hubby caught illegal lovers in the act, Mickey remained completely undaunted giving Bobbi the fuck of his life. As always, Mickey made Bobbi forget about the stagnation in her marriage, this time permanently