Glamour Babe Balloon Party

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Girls KirstenLee, MollyMae and RavenRedmond do not attend classes on vacation. They are boring and have some extra time on hand. They are crazy to buy a ton of balloons and celebrate the last day of Alice March’s class. She is finishing her math test and is in class exhausted. The girls spent 3 hours blowing balloons one by one! After a while, the girls are tired and looking for fun! They decided to call these guys together and told them to show up in about 45 minutes. When Alice March walked in the door, she was the biggest fear in her life. The girl pops out of the balloon. This is a special moment for Alice March. After the girls started the party, the boys showed up and the shit became tricky. After 40 seconds, the crow is sucking the cock, and Kirsten and Molly are eating each other! Crazy university, my friends!