Glamour Babe All In Alyssa

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Alyssa and Seth were the half-siblings that Dad dragged to his new girlfriend’s house. Their dad wanted them to meet his new love Savana. They thought it was going to be a boring, primitive snoring festival, but it was actually a completely fun handful. It wasn’t long after meeting them for Savana to figure out a way to find Alyssa alone and seduce her. She made up some excuse to show Alyssa some dresses that no longer fit her, hoping that maybe Alyssa could wear them. This was Savana’s way of trying to bond with her and the boy if they ever got involved! Seth apologized to go to the bathroom and stumbled upon Alyssa and Savana, who were pleased with each other. Savana grabbed him with her penis in his hand, struggling to let him join them. Their dad wasn’t wiser at all while he stayed downstairs losing the ball.