Glamour Babe A Bad Romance

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Logon was hanging around his girlfriend’s house. He decided to do the laundry and ran into his girlfriend’s stepmother who looked super sexy in her underwear and panties. His girlfriend, Cassandra, was not around at the time, and her stepmother told Logon that she would do laundry for him. She threw all his clothes in the washing machine and then stripped him of all the clothes he was wearing as well. She noticed a sperm stain on his underwear and took them off too. Logon was naked in the laundry room, and Cassandras’s stepmother explained to him how Cassandra shared all of her boyfriends with her. She started stroking his cock, then sucked it. Cassandra walked over to them, and Logon started jumping up and down excitedly, but told him to relax because he was fine. They both sucked his cock and took turns fucking their pussies. He gave Cassandras a stepmother with cream.